What is the difference between package one and package two? Package-1 ($20/month) - 4300-5000 channels in HD - Movies and tv shows - Adult included Package-2 ($15/month) - 1700 channels non-HD - Movies and tv shows -No Adult. When I sign up for the subscription how long will it take to be activated? - It all depends on how many requestes we have for the day but usually it will take 1-4 hours. How long does it take if I were to place an order? - We always ship out the box next business days, If you are in Toronto it should get to you with in 1-2 business days. How does the warranty work? - If your IPTV is working working you must send us an email. - All box comes with 6 months warranty, We will check if your warranty is active. - If it is then we will then provide you with our shipping address. - As long as the IPTV does not have physical damage and does not turn on then we will replace the box. Do the servers every go down and does it freeze? - We would like to be honest with our customers, with any IPTV provider there will have issues with freezing here and there. When you have any issues you must send us an email with the channels list, and we will fix it for you from providers end. What if software is having issue? - If you have our box we can remote in and help you with any issues you are having. What is the refund policy on subscription ? - Once you purchase the subscription and we have activated your account, there is absolute no refund.

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